Ring Ring

1A0C10E8-05A1-48F7-9B58-3CAAA71D777DI’ve been revisiting my jewelry boxes in lieu of actually going out and hunting for finds. Who knew that the best way to curb my shopping addiction would be to have major surgery?

Going through my bijoux has been quite educational. Based on my digging, I clearly have a thing for rings. I also seem to go through phases. The two rings pictured above represent what’s left of a mania I had for accumulating big cocktail rings about a decade ago. I also had a passion for Smokey Quartz and citrine (although the square stone is probably synthetic). I also discovered that they look great stacked.

And below are two quirkier rings from my rings made from other things period: a band fashioned from a nail and another from a British coin.

5D69DA74-38A5-4AD4-88A4-7C26049FA2BA I originally did this inventory in order to pare down, but I have quite enjoyed rediscovering and wearing these baubles. Bold rings I think work with my dry old, spotty hands. Although after I took these photos, I immediately went online and ordered some hand cream.