On the Air

7A586C3E-3C6B-4C37-B3F6-F5DB04F6077CI was travelling for work last week. I was in Switzerland, to be exact. It was a whirlwind trip and my first overseas voyage since I got my new knee.

AF2E4093-219C-47E5-A22D-FD1684B08453Needless to say, packing for this jaunt required taking a new approach. Usually for such a short journey (and one with connections), I’d aim to fit everything I needed into one carry on. But I’m still not supposed to carry anything over 15 lbs, so I went with taking a Rollie. 

Also, I had to travel with party looks, winter jackets, boots, a two week supply of various medicines just in case I got quarantined overseas, physio therapy bands, and wires and adapters to keep my gadgets charged. It wasn’t easy to juggle all these bags with my cane.

But I made it and I picked up a few new travel tips along the way. One, I used a vanity bag to carry all my meds and tech. I could take it on the plane as a carry on but pop it into my suitcase when I was travelling from city to city.

ED62044A-BA40-4EA1-98AE-949C9EBB925DTwo, I need to pack only clothes with pockets—even a cross body bag is a hassle when pulling suitcase and holding a cane. This Uniqlo shirt dress has nice deep pockets for your phone and passport. I like Uniqlo because most of their garments have a poche  or two. In general, all clothes for any occasion need pockets!

Three. No more puffy coats. They don’t breathe so if you’re like me, they make you so sweaty that it makes the customs people suspicious that you either have Coronavirus or are smuggling something into the country

Note, I am not sick nor a mule — I declared everything I purchased, which was Pringle’s, chocolates, lackerli. No time for shopping on such a short trip. So I can say that I’m keeping the no-shopping streak alive.