Finders Keepers

A766D699-2493-4C32-87BA-BA7E0A6ADEFCI have a thing I call “Nap Thinks.” That is, if I have a situation that needs resolving, I’ll have a little lay down and hope that a solution will present itself subconsciously.

On Friday, I was thinking of a misplaced watch. A tiny little pendant shaped like a pocket watch that I got in a thrift shop in Freiburg, Germany hung from an antique longuard. I don’t know when exactly it went missing, but I remember looking for it when “Russian Doll” first came on TV because Natasha Lyonne’s character’s necklace reminded me of it. Went to wear it. Couldn’t find it. Intermittently tore the place apart looking for it.

9876E043-EC1B-4603-8AD1-A396FF23BFC2Anyway, I had this think nap and it revealed that the watch had been in an overstuffed drawer and gotten pushed to the back when it was closed. So I pulled out the drawer and there it was.