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Do Over: Crystal Charm Necklace

If you want to make your own jewellery, the first thing you should buy is a good pair of needle nose pliers. Maybe two pairs in case you are prone to misplacing things.… Continue reading

Anatomy of a Bag of Broken Jewellery

As mentioned in past posts, I obtain a lot of jewellery and jewellery findings in bags of broken bijoux that the Value Village and other thrift shops sell. I also promised to give… Continue reading

What We Can Learn From Broken Things

Here is a very old seal ring that I got in a bag of broken jewellery at the Value Village (same bag as the Gucci watch). It has many battle scars: it’s shank… Continue reading

Do Over: Amber Earrings

It was a good day at the Value Village yesterday. Got a couple of bags of broken jewellery, one of which yielded the sterling silver and amber earrings pictured above. The posts had… Continue reading

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