Loss Prevention

E7EB4F3A-816B-4C0C-8539-2F94E0438DDAMr. Andrew are trying to limit our trips outside of the house. On Sunday we split up or weekly grocery run with a trip to the Dollarama because I needed stationary, To be clear, AK went to the supermarket while I went to the dollar store.

We are also trying to maximize our social distancing by making lists of things we actually need so that we (mostly me) don’t waste time and money by browsing. Still, I found myself picking up this spectacle holder thing whilst I was looking for glasses cleaner.

Here’s my rationale. Even though we rarely leave the house, I keep misplacing my glasses. I literally  need to tie a string to them. The look is a little nerdy, but who is gonna see it?

So far they’ve worked a charm. My shut in craft goal is to fashion something a little more elegant. Something like in the picture below. I’m certain that if I dig deeply enough into my jewelry stash, I’ll find something I can use to make me look like a stylish old lady.