All The Fixin’s

50B29CCD-5E08-41DB-80F0-9AFC5872F661My quarantine dreams have been heavily populated with scenarios in which I am thrift shopping and discovering fantastic treasures. During my afternoon nap, I dreamt that I was at my mothers building and one of the tenants just put the contents of their apartment out in the parking lot. There were moulting fur coats and boxes of musty books, but also amazing preserved vintage luggage and designer handbags, tons of embroidered patches, and amazing carvings from Africa. In my subconscious state, I was careful to not grab everything. I wanted to pack everything up carefully because no doubt the previous owner had treasured these objects. But at the same time I was trying not to think too hard about why they had been surrendered to the sidewalk.

I’m sure this dream can be interpreted in many ways. But the most reasonable explanation is that I like to shop/hunt. But since the stores are closed, I am trying to get my acquisition fix by fixing things. Yesterday, I took three broken necklaces (a multi strand choker that was missing a row, an Deco era art glass number where the string broke and a lot of the beads were lost, and a long bead necklace that had lost its clasp) and made them into two.


I also lengthened the choker (because it was choking me) and I may still reconfigure the goldstone glass piece If I can salvage enough of the beads from the necklace part. Goodness knows I have the time.