Tides and Touchstones

91A4CC97-50C0-42C9-8D88-A05187D391A3Nova Scotia is one of my favourite places. I’m finding it so hard to process such a senseless and terrible series of events happening at such a strange time.

I have always said that the Atlantic Ocean nourishes me. hete is a photo of me in Nova Scotia dipping my toes in the sea. I wish I could  send the same energy to the people out east to give them the strength to navigate this awful tragedy.

321F1B4F-6024-4913-83B6-7295156E033DIt feels like we’re all going through a seismic shift in the way we live. I’m not a terribly superstitious person but I find myself reaching out for certain touchstones. Talismans that reassure me that no matter what happens, the world will still be here in the morning. On this necklace hangs three lucky charms: a big old smoky quartz for clearing away negativity; a carved amethyst (my birthstone): and a labradorite drop from my ancestral homeland of Labrador.