The Blues

B1F1F92E-62D7-4FEB-85BE-C10B8CB9B686Still going through my jewelry hoardings. Thought I would share some photos of my favourite turquoise rings and earrings. The only danger in all of this cataloguing of things is that is makes me think that what I really need in my life is even more turquoise.

B0A87CE6-A490-44F6-9F07-564ECF3C73B4And then I find myself up all night trawling through eBay and Etsy listings trying to find that some bauble that somehow costs only $3, because that is my budget.

FA5CD9C1-E498-4B63-A53F-7A8431454E86Please note: I’ve also spent too much time online window shopping for summer clothes and vintage watches. Considering that so many clients owe me money and there are not a lot of upcoming gigs in the offing, my discretionary funds are non-existent. Plus, where am I going to wear any of these things?

To be continued….