Works in Progress

EC900704-4664-4337-A2ED-FD55D3FA284EI am feeling sickly today. I thought I’d try to sleep it off but I kept having strange dreams. Then I tried to do work, but I am just to ill to focus on anything for more than five minutes.

So here are some photos of some of my current projects.

One is  a diptych from my skritch skratch series. I just need to frame them somehow.

DDA76C36-4E8D-4C16-B09C-74FFCDA2C193The other is my second oldest unfinished project. I’ve been saving up fancy ribbons since 1995 with the intention of making a pillowcase cover out of them (I got the idea from an antique cushion I saw in a museum somewhere).

One of the reasons  that it has taken so long to execute this vision is that I had stashed the ribbons in four different places. Thanks to my lockdown cleanup, I was able to locate them all. The other reason is that I am a terrible procrastinator.

On the weekend I cut them to size and wove them together. The next step is stitching them into place. It might be a good sickbed activity.p