Eye of the Tiger

4FEDDAF2-EC11-4D4F-93A1-66FA4C88005DStill suffering from a touch of tummy trouble. The conundrum of feeling sickly is that you are too uncomfortable to sleep, but also to unfocused to work.

I was able to get the gumption to do some jewelry fixes that I started earlier. Nothing too major, just harvesting clasps from broken pieces to replace broken clasps from intact necklaces.

507850DA-7BD0-4A46-B05D-BF16E7941995I wanted to specifically focus on Tiger Eye jewelry because it’s pretty and because it is supposed to have properties that ease issues of the stomach and alleviate anxiety (just in case that it stress and and not a stomach bug that’s making my innards upset).

423CE5AC-CB2B-42FE-918E-AD35D14FF08CWhilst going through my jewelry hoard, I also found a pair of faceted tiger eye and quartz earrings that were missing a bead (I removed one stone to equalize them) and a cheap Mexican ring (pictured here with a similar turquoise ring that I rediscovered after I took pictures of my other collection).