Neck Check

10A0A51E-02B4-4970-B16F-8B6DB34E2789I have actually lost weight in quarantine. Roughly 5 kilos. But apparently the pounds have only dropped from my neck and my fingers. Rings fly off when I gesticulate. And my neck has wattles from all the loose skin.

8F6CE26E-C21B-4A6A-9029-A053C2079320(I’m exaggerating of course, I have lost enough weight that I can comfortably wear my vintage Diane von Furstenberg dress, but it has a scoop neckline that only highlights my loose skin.)

D2D84C47-6F34-4154-91D3-94ACC97111DESo I’m trying to come up with ways to distract from my wattles. I dug up my one and only choker — a horn pipe necklace to see if it could hold in my crêpey skin (pictured up top). And I’ve tried layering on rhinestones. And of course there’s always scarves.

So far the only downside is that neckpieces interfere with my busy pandemic nap schedule.