Reptile Brain

7E91A353-BAB4-4CB7-AA38-A29716183C77I’m going through my jewellery stashes, trying to organize and inventory. In some ways my years of hunting and hoarding might pay off because I seem to have an endless supply of treasure I can use to restock my Etsy shops.

B22C8C19-DE68-4026-959E-3BF8D5DF7BC0Here’s a small collection to file under the category Reptilian: An alligator handbag and a trio of snakeskin bangles.

9EF21B0F-31C6-44EA-A02C-C66B186F2C2EThe bag is by Le Gout de Jour Paris. It was in rough shape when I thrifted it — the snaps didn’t work, the strap was missing and there was damage to the alligator skin. I took it Sole Survivor in Kensington Market and the parched it up imperceptibly. It makes a great disco bag.

288FD754-CBDB-4C6E-8F6A-6EEF6A3AB097The bangles are also vintage. I used to have tons of the faux Gucci bangles. I would sell them off when I needed to because I was certain that I would find more.

And the I went through a really long dry spell. I got this green one at The Vintage Clothing sale. I will not be parting with it for a while.