Bitly Jack

C8E7EFB8-4757-4A30-BF04-BA28881586F3Of course quarantine has sharply curtailed my shopping. Okay, I’ve spent many sleepless night trawling through eBay listings and perusing e-commerce sites. But most times I don’t pull the trigger. I posted about this purchase before, but it finally arrived and I wanted to share.

1E724549-7FE4-4349-86B7-800C5005535BHere’s one exception. I saw a comedian Meg MacKay who I follow on Instagram wearing this Bitly Jack T-shirt by Walking Eagle News and I had to have it! PS, her comedy album “Probably A Witch” is out on iTunes today.

11E29496-B493-4816-AD14-83EDDC75E067This is my second Walking Eagle merch shirt. The first is an instant fave because it is super soft (and both help support local talent). But on a personal note, as a young mixie growing up in the ’70s, half breed Billy Jack was the closest thing me and my sisters had to representation in the media, even though Billy Jack was a grown up, part Navajo man who knew Kung Fu and the actor who created him was white. Kung Fu was very cool in the ’70s.

And because I’m more a child of the 1980s than the ’70s, what better way to represent than with 8-bit style graphics?