C14EAE0E-5694-4A4E-8504-90C221251F9FHere’s a Coronavirus confession. Even though I’m trying my best to stay at home, wash my hands frequently and wear a mask when I do go out in public spaces, I still stop when I see a “free” box on the sidewalk. And sometimes I bring things home.

I resist more than I used to. If anything, I have two boxes full of things that are ready for future Garage Sale/donation/BUNZ trade. I should be putting things out on the sidemart, not picking up sidewalk finds.

681DD946-6D61-42C8-A9EB-9B30164B484CAnd of all the things I vowed to never glean anymore used shoes. Yet here I am, with a pair of Birkenstocks that I found on someone’s lawn. Birks are irresistible to me, viruses be damned.