Dress Up Day

1FF4CCA8-A27F-4912-9FEE-1897232C6F94Well it finally stopped snowing so I spent the long weekend putting away my winter clothes. I cleaned things and patched and purged things that I haven’t worn over the last two winters (last winter doesn’t really count because I didn’t go put much on account of my messed up knee).

I also put away my fancy dress clothes because let’s face it, I doubt I’ll be going to any galas for the rest of the year. So I entertained myself with a little fashion show before I put them away. I will share these ensembles with you here. There’s my blue velvet wrap dress that I bought for our niece’s wedding that is just on my fitting me properly thanks to the 5 kgs that I lost post surgery.

09769EB2-C6AB-4BD5-9738-E681D5582745There’s the improvised red carpet look I cobbled together from ….And Other Stories and Forever 21 when I got a last minute invite to a Cartier gala in New York (fun fact, I was still wearing it when I caught the Megabus home to Toronto later that evening — and there was another woman on the trip with an even more elaborate get up than me.)

83E7D248-878C-48D6-8893-B153009F400AAnd finally, my wedding dress — a sunny yellow Donna Karan New York number. I did not want a dress that I could only wear once, so my sister and I went to the Holt Renfrew Off Rack and found this lovely frock. I’ve paired it with a glittery jacket by Antik Batik that I scored at the Value Village.

One little sad side note: Normally I would store my off-season clothes in Rubbermaid Tubs but those are all filled with clothes and other objects that are destined for donation. But since the donation centres are all closed, they are sitting stacked in a corner of our bedroom. So I’ve tucked my seasonal things into my luggage, because that’s not going anywhere either.