E4E8EFE6-E38F-46BB-8FAE-5DA0FE66A1D2I’ve been tackling my boxes of half-finished craft projects in a very half-assed way. Meaning that I’ll start with sewing projects, finish a few things and then get distracted and start working on jewellery repairs or art ideas.

1348F214-F0D2-4754-93E6-BAA2F321F129On the plus side, things are slowly but surely getting crossed off the to-do list. I would just feel more accomplished if I could say “that’s it for sewing.”

C6D24751-FAEA-4E45-80BE-F6E082FDDCB2This week I made some headway in repairing and repurposing old broken baubles. Some were easy fixes that I can put up for sale in the Gracious Good Etsy shop. Others are mashups. I may try to sell these upcycled items as well, but I’m always a little shy about putting my creations out there in the world.

9C532AC0-5893-4EDC-B51C-0A0AA3B2C9D5I’ll never know unless I try.