More Covid Crafts

772D2F1A-BEB7-4CD2-A458-57D6682042BFEven on days when the world seems like a garbage fire, there is still enough beauty in it to make it worth fighting for.

78D6D749-9A63-44C8-9733-DADFEC3DE195I wonder what kind of stuff have I done to make the world better and more safe for all? What have I said or done or not said or done to make the planet a place where everyone can thrive. What am I doing to support BIPOC and queer communities? 

987A29E7-09D9-410B-B2AB-B3271889F3C8The answer is: Not enough. And still I step out of the real world to work through my craft projects. It’s therapy. Here are some more necklaces that I made this weekend when I needed to express myself but words just failed me.