8E33735A-BF7B-4394-B8DB-0676AB55FA14I spend very little time in public spaces, but when I do go to places where I might run into people, I generally just cover my mouth and face with one of my many million bandannas. But I was curious about those masks that slip on over your ears to see if they would be more comfortable. You know, the fancy ones that show up as targeted ads on your social media.

I figure that the mask protocol could go on for at least two years — especially if it hits in waves. If this is the case, I imagine being able to travel to see my mom eventually, even if one has to wear a mask for hours of travel. Which means if I’m gonna invest in some protective gear, I should make sure it’s wearable.

C266B17E-52D9-4BFE-83F6-201B52546E77First, I ordered a Garfield themed mask from a local  cartoon-themed pizza eatery because I saw an an acquaintance wearing one on Instagram. I liked it. It felt comfortable. After my Garfield Eats mask arrived, I got an email from Adidas (I really have to unsubscribe to all the newsletters I have signed up for) saying that they were in the mask biz now, so I ordered a three-pack like some sort of hypebeast.

The Adidas masks attired yesterday. I took one our for a spin today and strangers on the street stopped me to ask where I got it, so in terms of clout, this is the most important investment that I have ever made.