Favourite Things

FF6E0883-65F1-4E3E-B113-47B3D3D98AD0To lighten up a bit, today I thought I’d focus on some of the beautiful, summery things happening out there in the world. Starting with lying in the cool grass and staring at the clouds.

Flowers are also good. My favourites are irises, poppies, peonies, and gladiolus.

We are also enjoying cherry season very much.

08BC1E7D-86FB-4632-B2F0-8E1E3154B6D6I also love corn on the cob — especially in the summertime.14FF1AD6-34EB-4015-A0B3-B8101D843196Kitty feet are also sweet.

9083DE75-DAD1-445D-AC1C-1A9C38AF3872And speaking of summer heat, one day I hope to have a cool terrazzo floor to take naps on when it’s hot.