This Charming Planet

02332381-2E8A-48E7-A677-70705FA02DFDWhile there are so many places in the world that I would still like to visit, I have no desire to go globetrotting anytime soon.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful for the opportunities I’ve had. Travelling for work has been an amazing opportunity to meet locals and see places tourists don’t normally experience. Travelling for pleasure gives you the leisure to explore and discover things you didn’t know you we’re looking for.

My reasons for taking a break from travel when the world opens up again are pretty selfish. I’ve enjoyed the more leisurely pace of staying at home. I don’t miss the anxiety I feel in airports. And I don’t feel as guilty about the environmental impact of all that flying (though I miss hot towels like crazy).

Right now, I’m happy enough to revisit the places I have visited. Here’s my travel themed charm bracelet. It doesn’t represent every journey, but it covers a lot.

Here are the places each charm represents (clockwise from top right): The Sudbury Big Nickel; San Francisco Trolley; Newfoundland Cod; Map of Tennessee; Siena Italy horsehead: Florida map; Quebec shield; Canadian maple leaf; Ottawa Parliament Buildings; Paris Eiffel Tower; Scotland Heather; London call box; Alberta provincial flower (wild rose); Ontario shield; Las Vegas dice.