Fashion Watches

F75E0E4A-B6C1-429C-8E93-74A058968967Exciting news! I cleared out a drawer of Marimekko bedding that I never used (I had grandiose dreams of turning sheets into mumus) and traded them in for a bag of 1960s fashion watches.

There’s the usual one jewel suspects such as Lucerne and Sheffield — brands that usually imported basic Swiss pin lever movements and cased them in the US. My friend Katya found the lot at the Value Village last year which makes me wonder if they belonged to someone who worked for a distributor of such cheap and cheerful timepieces. They are not new old stock, but their are doubles of some. And others have different brand names on the dial but are essentially identical.

BE518894-B523-4BC1-8AD5-608A937E206EIt’s been so long since I’ve had that new old watch feeling, so I’ve been happy researching, cleaning and regulating these babies. Pictured here are the ones that are currently  ticking. There are more that might just need a little push to power them up again.

I’m a sucker for these space age, flower power designs so I hope I can revive as many as possible. I’ll be sharing more pictures and details as I process them all.