For Your Protection

4E3C770D-C08F-4AE0-A141-C780C93C7A2EWe had a few rainstorms this weekend. On Friday, it was practically Monsoon weather and I went out on our porch half dressed to dance around in the torrential rain. It was so refreshing—like running through nature’s sprinkler.

On Saturday, it rained again but just enough to provide a break in the hot, oppressive humidity. I sat outside to work, protected from the waterworks by the overhang above our patio. I was able to get a lot of projects off my plate, including this mask that I made by weaving yarn around a plastic berry box.

27ECDEF7-EB7C-4DCE-8E5F-81F5D6CA4D85I started this piece a week ago with the intention of making an artwork that commented both on how political  mask wearing has become but also how masks have historically been worn in protection rituals.

F5AE2F73-4C7F-49B9-9606-5276F8C55F5FIt was a simple idea that turned out to be more labour intensive than I had anticipated. Once I finished the weaving part, I asked Mr. Andrew to model it for me so I could figure out the next steps. He put it on his head like a bell hop’s cap and now I can’t see it as a mask.

B887A6AA-F1C9-434E-81B7-2780882BEB8BMy next two pieces were easier to execute. I made a more refined version of my rainbow cloud Pride necklace. And I embroiders a reversible talisman with one side depicting a hand holding a heart and the other side acting as a palmistry cheat sheet. The necklace is made from the fabric handle of a Cartier shopping bag.


BEB26D46-994E-4FCF-BFE2-B9D9326AC1B5And finally, a work in progress. I found some velvet pillow cases in the sidewalk. I cleaned them up and started embroidering them. Pillow case number one is this Free hand  stitched snake.