Colour Theory

C1A34F2B-C889-4806-86BB-6C4860B64E70Another example of things slowly coming together…

Yesterday I wrote about an Old Navy order that suddenly appeared after almost two months, well today I watch I ordered off eBay in May suddenly arrived.

Created by artist Tian Harlan, the Chromachron was designed as an anti-stress watch because of its inability to display the exact time. But time is an abstract these days, which makes it the perfect timepiece for our current situation. And each colour on the dial was carefully selected to express different energies. It is basically an art project more than a watch. They still make round-cased, quartz versions today, but this is an original mechanical version from the 1970s.

I was explaining it to my mother and she said “oh, a novelty watch.” This is also true.

The seller actually refunded the cost of the watch when it didn’t arrive in June with a note that the package had been damaged and returned to the seller. I am a semi honest person so I contacted them to repay the refund. Now I am hopeful that the rest of my MIA packages (another watch, two books and a t-shirt) will turn up soon.