Don’t Get Too Comfortable

9FF2CB7A-3FA9-4885-9FB3-576AEC23CC19I’ve been keeping busy with pandemic projects. I like to keep me hands busy as they say. Some COVID Crafts are quickies — things I can finish in a day for instant gratification. Others are much more time consuming but also more contemplative.

These two snake pillows represent both ends of the spectrum. I like doing embroidery because it’s something I can do while watching TV. I found these velvet pillowcases in a free box on the sidewalk. The embroidery thread I bought at Dollarama. One of my goals of doing quarantine art is to use as much existing materials as I can. And if I can’t remake something I already own, I’m trying not to spend too much money on materials.

The first cushion I call Measle Snake. I free-hand, chain stitched The silhouette of a serpent on to the cover and then decorated it with dots. It didn’t take much time at all. the second snake I filled in using variegated thread so that it looked like it was wearing a skin that it’s grandmother had crocheted in the 1970s. This took forever to complete. Every two inches basically equals an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race (a show which has had such a profound effect on my life this year that it begs its own blog post).


Anyway, I’m finally finished. I am pleased with the result. I call this collection “Don’t Get Too Comfortable.”