Fashion Week Part 1


A long time ago, I bought this Dutch Wax Print fabric at the Value Village and made a simple skirt from it. It was basically a tube with an elasticize waistband. I wore it to visit my mother and she was so non-pluses by my sewing skills that she took it from me and promised to redo it properly.

She undid the stitching but never got around to finishing the project so when I went to K-W to visit last Wednesday, I took it back. And I stayed up all night turning it into a tunic.

[An aside, my urgency in creating a new garment was inspired by the fact that the t-shirt I packed to wear home had a huge stain on it that I hadn’t noticed. Pre-Pandemic Rhonda would have gone out and bought a new one but circumstances precluded any sort of emergency shopping. Nobody was going to drive me to the store and I just don’t have that kind of mad money anymore.]

After I got home, I made a few tweaks, mainly adding gathers to the sleeves to give it some shape, shortening it so it was less dress, more tunic, and adjusting the neckline. But the pattern does all the heavy lifting here.

I am very pleased with the result (I wore it to my dentist appointment and everybody on the street and transit seemed 100 times friendlier) and I may try to do a few more in other colours if I can find more cool yardage.