Fashion Week Part 2


I also did an end of summer wardrobe reckoning and decided that maybe wearing white isn’t my thing. Mostly because I just can’t keep things clean, So I tie dyed a pair of linen pants and my “I’m allergic to humans” t-shirt. I also transformed a white bucket hat from Dollarama because I felt I needed a blue bucket hat.

I’ve seen a lot of kids on Instagram rocking the total head-to-toe hippy look, and I wanted to try it out. Why not? I bought a couple of tie dye kits from the Dollarama, didn’t exactly give the instructions due diligence but it still turned out alright and didn’t take that much time — I spent maybe 15 minutes on folding and applying dye, let it set over night, spent another 15 minutes rinsing, and because it’s soooooo hot out, it only took a couple hours to dry in the sun.

One note of caution: You need to wear gloves when you are dying and when you’re rinsing. I did this on Monday and my hands are still dyed indigo.