I’ve had this vintage Timex sitting in a project box for what feels like a decade, simply waiting for a new battery and a bit of a clean up.

The Timex Watercolor series was introduced to the North American market in 1986 as a reaction to the success of the Swatch. I don’t know how long this collection was produced for, but any examples I’ve seen encapsulated peak ’80s style. The reason I’ve hung onto this watch for so long is because I admire this particular timepiece’s Memphis-influenced, post modern design.


I’m certain I posted about this watch before, but I rediscovered it recently and have been carrying it around in my pocket as a reminder to buy a fresh battery on my next trip to the supermarket (we are trying to limit shopping trips to once a week. Last night I finally remembered! I got the watch home and put in a new battery. It took me a while to figure out how to open it. And it didn’t start ticking straight away, so I cleaned the contacts with some hand sanitizer on a cotton swab.

Side note: Hand sanitizer is brilliant at cleaning up almost anything. I’ve used it to cleanup stains on everything from shoes and watch straps. And it also helped resuscitate the ol’ Timex. Cosmetically, the watch was in pretty good shape, with just some minor scratches on the crystal and some discolouration on the strap. I used some crystal polish that I bought at the Swatch kiosk at the Eaton Centre a few years ago.

Another side note. I wonder if the Swatch kiosk will survive. They already closed the one at Yorkdale Mall pre-Pandemic and I love it because you can get replacement straps and free battery replacement. I have a lot of Swatches to maintain and I need on site services.

I am always pleased when I can bring a watch (or anything) back to life.