Anchors Aweigh


Since Sea Shanties are trending, I thought I’d share some of my nautical-themed jewels today. A lot of my ancestors worked on the boats, so anchors are a potent symbol to me. And in chaotic times it always good to feel moored.


Up top is a Rolex key chain that I converted into a pendant. This anchor is engraved Baselworld 2020, commemorating an event that never happened because of the pandemic. Below is a souvenir Breguet bracelet from an earlier trade show. Right about now my colleagues from the watch world would be travelling to Geneva for Watch week. We’re doing it virtually next week. Obviously not as much fun as attending in person, but I can’t wait to see new timepieces.


And here’s the red Celluloid and Bakelite necklace I traded for last summer. There is one small downside to wearing anchor-shaped necklaces and that is that they catch on everything. You can’t blame the pendants, that’s what they are designed to do. One just has to be careful, but it means that I don’t wear this beauty as much as I would like because it’s old and delicate and I don’t want to be the one to wreck her.