DIY Demon


I don’t know about you guys but I’ve lost a lot of my gumption in the last month. It feels like I used to have so much more energy for creative projects in the months leading up to the new year, but now it feels like I’m just working, cooking, cleaning and sleeping. Granted we are cooking almost everything at home these days (and preparing more meals from scratch), so it feels like we are always washing dishes, so there’s less free time for crafty projects. And the blanket that I’m knitting is a lot more labour intensive than I anticipated.

I guess by writing this all down, I have sort of figured out the root of my problem. Life was so much easier in the summer when we could splurge on takeout and prepackaged food. Question answered but problem is not solved.


Anyway, I did manage to cross some concepts off the list this week. I had an idea to embroider LOVE and HATE on a pair of gloves in tribute to the movies Night of the Hunter and Do the Right Thing. I also finally organized my tickle trunk of wigs and costumes. And I started to embellish my long sleeved Mickey Mouse sweatshirt. I’ll be back to being a regular cottage industry again soon.