Pay Wall


I am really, really, really trying not to buy any new clothes because I spent all my money on new teeth (I broke two Of my front choppers in a crafting accident and had to get them bonded). I’m also trying to stay home unless it’s absolutely necessary to, you know, get this pandemic over and done with.

But earlier this week I had to go to the local hardware store to get lightbulbs for our Sputnik lamp(all but two had burnt out) and wood glue to repair my dresser (it’s so dry in our house that the wood is shrinking and the veneer around the base has popped and a handle split in half). Hardware stores are allowed to be open, but this shop is pretty much a hodge podge of dusty old comic books, dog toys and yellowed packages of nails and screws. They also have two racks of random clothing. I spotted this sweatshirt for $4.99 and convinced myself that I could embellish it somehow, not realizing that it already had an iron on transfer of the nine planets on it. I may still embroider or print something over it, but I also think the solar system is kind of cool. Here’s a picture of me wearing it with my solar system Swatch. Go outer space!