Wow Presents


I got a lovely surprise from our friend Jennifer out on the West Coast. A fellow thrift shop Queen, she sent a shoe box full of vintage jewellery that she has amassed of the years. I very much miss hunting for treasure but more than that, I miss going down the research rabbit hole, trying to figure out who made what and when. Here are some of my favourites so far, starting with the tutti fruitti open back glass rhinestone bracelet pictured above. It feels very 1930s to me, but I’m still investigating.


Next up is this Peking glass flapper necklace, probably also from the 1930s. Of course anything that old is going to have some issues so I will have to restring and reknot. I just love all things green.


Speaking of green, here’s a stack of bangles, including a grassy glass bracelet.


This necklace looks mid century modern but I have yet to find a similar style. My instinct says Finnish but who knows? We’re still under a Stay-At-Home advisory so I have lots of time to ID this piece.

I’m also fond of the box they came in. Thanks Jennifer, I owe you a solid!