All I Want


My recent thrift shop sojourns have reawakened my shopping drive. I have tasted blood and I want more, despite the fact that I feel like I’ve achieved a very good wardrobe balance. And I keep cruising fast fashion websites despite the fact that I want to support local, independent shops and designers or stick to vintage to prevent clothes from ending up in landfills. Also, I don’t go anywhere and I don’t have money to throw away on clothes that I don’t need.

Anyway, here’s my wish list of clothes and accessories that I don’t need, starting with these pink platform Crocs.

These dresses from Old Navy are also appealing to me, even though I’m not sure if I could pull them off. Maybe if I had bangs…

These two Levi Strauss tops from Mark’s Work Wearhouse keep showing up on my Social Media algorithms. I mean if AI doesn’t know what I should be wearing, then who does?


And finally this Jil Sander x Uniqlo jacket seems like a dream too for this apple-shaped lady. The anniversary of the world being under lockdown has made me reflect on my personal style choices as well as my ethical clothing choices. I accept that blue is my colour, that I am more minimalist than I care to admit, and that I really like shoes without laces.

I will try to hold off on new purchases for now, but it’s hard. I also still have those Jonah Hill for Adidas chinos on my winter wish list. So if I cave and get anything, a pair of white pants should be the priority.