Upcycled Earrings

We got our first vaccination shots yesterday. Felt wonderful at the time but woke up today feeling very tired and with a tender bicep. It’s also a super demanding week work-wise so once I checked everything off my to-do list, I kind of retired to bed. At the same time, I’m not sleepy, so I decided to work on some simple earring ideas. I’ve had these piqué owl pendants for a while now. They came without posts. Originally I hung them on some cheap costume hooks but today I transferred them to a more refined sterling set.


That pair came from these citrine pendants. I bought a more refined finding at Shoppers Drug Mart. You can’t see, but they have a teardrop shape that echos the cut of the stones. I also found a little stash of busted broken jewelry and I strung some wires through some button pearls from a stretchy bracelet and then attached these jade drops. This idea came to me in a vision in which I used lapis lazuli beads but I don’t have any of those handy at the moment.

Previously, these jade drops were hanging from a previous upcycling marriage — the concho earrings in the middle. I replaced the jade with tumbled smoky quartz. It’s a better pairing than the jade, but I’m not 100 percent satisfied. I think maybe I’ll make a lariat necklace with the quartz once it’s okay to travel to the bead district to buy chains and maybe some nicer caps.

To be continued.