I Started A Poshmark


This weekend I cleaned and repaired the winter clothes and brought the spring and summer clothes out of storage. I had a little fashion show for myself, trying everything on. One third of the clothes were too big. One third was too small. And of the remaining third, one third were worn or ill advised in the first place.

I usually sell my vintage clothes on Etsy and either give away or sell the newer at consignment shops. But my niece Madison and friend Becky have been having some success selling on Poshmark. I’ve been saying that I’d give it a whirl for about six months. Today I took the leap and listed seven things, including these Puma x Fenty by Rihanna basketball shorts pictured above (shorts are not my thing as much as I want them to be so I filed these under ill advised). I sold a pair of Marimekko x Uniqlo pants (too small) within the first half hour and had offers on two T-shirts later on in the day.

The whole process is pretty simple. Take photos, check size boxes. They even recommend asking prices and agonizing how much to sell something for is one of my least favourite things about listing on Etsy. I also don’t know how to share my listings to this blog, but I’ll let y’all know when I figure it out. I. The meantime, if you’re interested, you can search by my name, Rhonda Riche.