Watch Week


It’s Watches & Wonders week. In the pre-COVID, pre-collapse of the traditional watch fair industrial complex, I would have been running around Geneva, sweating heavily and surviving on a diet of chocolate and cheese. Instead I have been parked in front of my computer writing stories about watches I haven’t touched and taking part in endless Zoom presentations.

There are pros and cons to this new order. I don’t miss sweating. I do miss holding watches.

You can read my write ups of fancy watches on Here I will share these two timepieces. Up top is a 2000 Swatch SKIN that I found in a free box on the sidewalk yesterday. It’s like the universe knew that I needed to feel a physical timepiece that I didn’t already have in my bubble. And below is an acrylic Mickey Mouse watch I bought on eBay.

The future, it appears, is clear!