Makeup Free


Not gonna lie, the past year has been rough on my skin. I don’t know if it’s the many stressors of the pandemic or just the result of natural aging, but my complexion feels like it’s lost a lot of its lustre. Which is why I was quick to pick up these moisturizers and masks that I found upon a free box last weekend. The timing was great because I had just run out of cleanser.

So far I’ve only tried out the Ole Henriksen samples (a note on the box said that they were unused and part of a set from Sephora). Too soon to note if my skin has improved any, but it certainly hasn’t got worse. I will treat myself to a sheet mask on the weekend. It’s been quite rainy and dismal all week plus I’ve got the end of the month broke blues. A pseudo spa date will be a nice pick-me-up.

A few thoughts about bringing home skin care products that you find on the sidewalk. As long as they are sealed I have no problem with using them. I would also check expiry dates and make sure the products are suited to your skin type. I was a little conflicted about taking these products because there is probably someone who could have used them more than me. Like all things in life, you should talk only what you need, so I left a bunch of other masks and foundations. Share the bounty!