Rent Free


Sometimes you have to travel for free stuff. Some times the free stuff comes to you. For example, there was two duffle bags full of clothes and things left in the storage room of our building. They had gotten wet and mildewy and whilst doing spring cleaning I asked if they belonged to anybody and if no, could I get rid of them. They were not claimed.

They were mostly clothes from the 1990s and 2000s. But there were also some miniature and a full-sized coke bottle from Mexico (pictured above). Playing the amateur archaeologist, I surmised that this luggage probably belonged to someone who travelled through Latin America and then abandoned their trek gear. The confusing thing was that it was mostly men’s clothes with a few ladies garments. Like the hand printed pajamas (pictured below).


I may keep the PJs. I washed everything because I couldn’t stand the thought of clothes ending up in landfill. I’ll rehome anything that can be cleaned. The rest I may rip up to make a rag rug.

I also forgot to mention that we also picked up some dishes on our sidewalk shop. Spending so much time eating at home has taken a toll on our existing tablewares. Everything is cracking and breaking.