Patio Season

Who knows when these lockdowns will ever end? Nobody! That’s why I decided to spend my discretionary fund on some outdoor furniture from Ikea. I ordered a table that could also double as a desk for working outside. Nothing too big and something that could fold up and be stored away I. The winter. I also bought two combination stool/side tables. I saw these last summer (but in red) but they sold out before I pulled the trigger. We returned our old wicker sidewalk find furniture to the curb for whence they came and thanked them for their service. They disappeared within hours.

Now our outdoor space is all IKEA (with the exception of our outdoor carpet and my hammock which were’t rolled out when ai took this pic). It feels a little sparse. Maybe next year I’ll invest in a bench but this season social distancing is still advisable so we’ll keep things minimalist for now. Pra fiscally it’s working like a charm! Our indoor dining table has become a work space over the years so it’s a treat! Both the table and stools have turned out to be useful surfaces for taking photos. And it’s so nice to eat sitting at a surface and not on the couch or in a chair. Which brings me to purchase number three….

I also ordered this folding laptop desk. I don’t have a laptop but Mr. Andrew does. I got it more as a TV tray so that when I do eat at the couch I’m at least sitting up straight. It also functions as a side table that sort of tucks into the couch like a Kangaroo so that is don’t have to set my drinks on the floor when we are chillaxing on the chesterfield. The trick will be keeping this little table fro getting cluttered up with books and things just like every other surface in our house.