Meet Swap

Still hauling in things I found on the sidewalk. On my Monday walk I picked up this made-by-Verichron George Nelson Ball Clock (Verichron licenced Nelson’s designs before Vitra). The challenge was trying to find some available wall space to hang it. That and my recent book and vinyl finds lead me to do a massive reorganization and purge. It’s still very much a work in progress.

My first move was to clear off the top of my desk, which had become a repository of prints and paintings. Then I hung up the clock on a nail that was already there as opposed to centering it. I am going to use the top to place an in/out tray (if it fits) or store reference books. I’ll have to figure out what to do with the surplus art, but for now I’ve just placed them in portfolios.

Since I was moving things around, I decided to give the wall art a good dusting. Then I stared playing with placement. I removed a bunch of pieces and put them in storage as well (I see an Instagram art sale in the near future). I moved others and I put up a few things that I’ve been meaning to display for ages, like this Wayne White dinner tray.

My next project was our bookshelf. I purged a lot of books but it didn’t seem to make that much difference. I did discover that I had Hammy Hamster’s business card so that was exciting. The shelf had also become a repository of loose art, so even more prints made their way to the purge pile. I also moved this painting of a stormy sky over a golf course (at least that’s what the description on the back claims) from the top of the desk to the of the bookcase.

Once everything was dusted I discovered that I couldn’t remember where all the other bits and pieces went. It seemed so much more cluttered even as I gathered a box of Knick knacks to take to the curb. I moved an Indonesian owl carving into the bedroom. And I transplanted a Kachina figure to the floating shelves beside my desk. I’ll take some time to figure out where the rest of the objects will live.

Thanks for listening, now enjoy some Canadian kid’s TV ephemera.