Trade Post

I had goals to not spend money on clothes this month. But that hasn’t stopped me from getting new previously enjoyed garments into the house. You’ve seen my sidewalk scores and you’ve seen things that I salvaged from our storage room that a previous tenant left behind. Today I present to you a gorgeous cardigan that I BUNZ traded for.

I am always in search of the perfect yellow cardigan. I have a particularly pricey one on my shopping wish list. But when this one manifested itself on the BUNZ app I knew I had to have it. I was also lucky that the person who had posted it was looking for liquor and we have lots of surplus booze lying around because of our lack of partying during the pandemic. And her daughter was in daycare near my house so we were able to meet up without breaking lockdown decorum.

The brand is Akeemi + Kin and was originally available at Anthropologie. Even though it was a diamond pattern, it’s proven to be very versatile in the two days I’ve worn it (the weather has cooled down enough that wearing a sweater is necessary. I am so pleased with this acquisition that I kind of hope that it doesn’t get warmer so I can keep wearing it every day.

PS. I did break my no new buys rule because many of my summer pants are too big now and the were threatening to fall off as I walked down the street. Plus I ordered a pair of bicycle shorts to wear under my shorter dress as a modesty measure in case a gust of wind blew my skirts up. Expect to see pictures of these new clothes next week.

Plus also, to balance my cosmic clothing karma, I want you to know that I exercised considerable restraint in not buying anything in today’s Uniqlo x Marimekko drop. It was very tempting but I went overboard with the last collection. I can wait until it goes on sale. And if it’s sold out, so be it.