Riche Craft

I hope you weren’t worried that I have stopped making things. My hands have not gone idle. it’s just that my current project — knitting a hammock blanket — has been more work than I anticipated. The good news is that I am in the home stretch (see a photo of the work in progress below). The body of the blanket has been pieced together (although I downsized the scale from Queen sized to single) and the edging is well under way. But I had hoped to finish by June and considering that that is two days away….

I did take a little break to make a necklace — I needed to do something that would only take an hour to create so I could feel a sense of accomplishment. I had been stuck for ideas but I had a little nap and in my dream state I was trying to come up with a message for people who have been feeling low because of the pandemic, the environmental crisis, job, housing and food insecurity and systematic racism. I wanted to tell them that all of the anxiety and sense of loss they are feeling is real but to remember that if you are still here, you have not let the world beat you. And the. The word “undefeated” came to me. So I made this friendship bracelet to celebrate that.

Blankets and bracelets to make the world a little bit better.