After sorting out my sock issues (although I have yet to complete the task of knitting my own pair). I turned my attention to a bra reckoning. I did buy a bunch of lingerie early on in the pandemic when my favourite place to buy underwear announced that they were going under (it ended up merging with a sister retailer so my lingerie hoarding was for naught).

Even with this preventive action, after 15 months some of my bras have become dingy. And it has been soooooooo hot and humid out that my outer clothes are bare, mostly black, and strappy while my underclothes are solid and an odd shade of peach (they were on sale).

I have two black bras that work with the straps but that’s not enough when you are a girl who “glows” and has to change three times a day because you’ve sweated through everything. I do not enjoy feeling damp. It drives me to distraction.

I became so obsessed with finding some easygoing (no underwires allowed) yet seasonally appropriate bras that I took a chance with a grey racer back at the Dollarama. And wouldn’t you know it was the most comfortable bra I’ve worn in a while. Light and not too tight. It was so good that I went back and bought another in lilac (I’m currently sewing myself a purple caftan with a plunging neckline). I find myself pondering a trip to a different Dollarama tomorrow to see if I can find one in black.