Hand Made Tale

I used to make clothes for my dolls out of my mom’s left over fabric scraps draped around their bodies. I used a similar approach to making this dress. I bought the remnants from the dry cleaners at Islington station. I started out trying to make a caftan but it ended up looking more like a toga. Heaps of trial and error after, but it has eventually evolved into something semi presentable.

Also, if you want to gain perspective on the creativity, skill and labour required to make your clothes, try hand stitching your own gown. I do not have a sewing machine. I did not use a pattern. In my head, I imagined that I was a 19th century lady making my own gown out of some fabric that I got from the dry goods store. I imagined that should society collapse, I would be able to use these skills to dress my community. But in real life there is such a surplus of clothing in the world that humankind could probable live off existing retail inventory for generations.