Thrifting Part 3

The Value Village on Islington Ave is probably my least favourite thrift shop. I know that it’s second hand stuff, but this location’s offerings are particularly shabby while at the same time overpriced.

I visited last week as part of my mission to say hello to every VV in the GTA. While I was there, I spotted this cast terra cotta figurine of a young milk maid. I carried her around in my cart but because I am trying to be more mindful of my purchases and this sculpture had clearly been broken and glued back together (except for the legs of her stool, which we’re missing).

So I put her back on the shelf and took a picture to remember her by. And then I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Last night, I couldn’t even fall asleep until my brain made a deal with my heart to go back on my way to the dentist. And if she was still there, it was meant to be.

At first I didn’t see the milk maid but I took a second stroll through the Knick Knack section and there she was on the top shelf. I grabbed her and made my way to the checkout, stopping at the jewelry display case for a quick perusal of the watches and there I found a hot pink Toy Watch, the very timepiece I had posted about in last week’s wish list!

It’s like the sculpture manifested the watch as a thank you for rescuing her! And this, gentle reader, is the kind of magical thinking that fuels my shopping addiction.