A lazy post today. I’ve been trying to reintegrate myself into society by meeting up with friends a d family and going to the dentist. And while it’s an absolute joy to see familiar faces in person, it’s also exhausting. I’ve forgotten how to interact, hold conversations and eat in public. As I find myself longing to return to the comforts of quarantine life.

None of this ennui has stopped me from shopping for shoes. So today I’m just going to post these pictures of the foam slides I bought at Winners on the way home from the dentist (my friend Tiffany has a pair and swears by them and I am easily influenced). I bought this pink pair even though I am already awaiting an orange set that I ordered online.

And speaking of being highly suggestible, I also ordered these Design Lab sandals from Hudson’s Bay because they kept showing up on my timeline. And they were on sale. And I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy anymore clothing this month but shoes are not clothes. And I rationalized that if I paired them with socks I could wear them until the snow fell.

Note: I also got these new dollar sign socks at Dollarama on my way back from the dentist. I had a good check up and rewarded myself with footwear.