I have a lot of second hand things. Sometimes those things need repair. Like this watch I got in a bag of broken jewelry. It is well worn but still keeping good time. The biggest issue was that it was missing its crystal. So I took them to the local jeweler and got it fixed.

Or these shoes. They are made by ARA — a solid European brand—and very sensible. I found them on the sidewalk and they looked basically unworn. The problem was that the heel caps had dried up and disintegrated. So I took them to the local cobbler and had them fixed.

And then there’s this thrifted skirt. I’ve had it for several summers now and the zipper broke. I tried fixing it but it was beyond my skill set. I wondered if I should pay to have it fixed because it might be out of style next summer. But I’m trying to keep clothes out of the landfill so I took it to the local dry cleaners and had it fixed.