My friend Linda was in town from California so we met up for some Dim Sum on Spadina. I got their early so I stopped into one of my favourite shops, B&J Trading to pick up some cone incense (part of another, longer story).

B&J is an emporium full of unexpected wonders. It is like 12-year-old me is the buyer. I found the incense but also an unpainted nesting doll which I need for an art concept that I have.

Then there are the things I didn’t know I needed such as a mood ring. Reintegration into society after an endless lockdown is provoking so many emotions. I don’t think most of us have truly come to terms with the anxiety we are dealing with. I am pretending that the mood ring is like a bio feedback machine that lets me track emotions that would otherwise be buried deep down inside. As you can see by this sampling, it’s been a roller coaster.

Retail therapy is another way to lighten the mood, so I also purchased a spiky yellow slap bracelet.