Random Acquisitions

Here are a few more finds from my trip downtown to hang out with my friend Linda, who is visiting from California. One of our stops was Mama Loves You Vintage on Queen Street. This shop definition has my number but my absolute favourite thing about it is the $5 tickle trunk. And it didn’t disappoint this time either.

I also picked up this Enid Collins-style canvas tote. In the 1960s and 1970s you bought these bags with the design screen printed on and a bag of jewels and other findings that you could use to glue over top — kinda like a paint by number but with bedazzling.

And finally I found this bandanna style turban. It is perfect for covering up hair gone sweaty and wild from the heat wave we are currently experiencing.

As much as I enjoy foraging through the racks at a charity shop, I also love exploring a well curated vintage shop. These talented folks can really put a collection together and Mama Loves You has a great eye for a slightly goth, retro rockabilly, pop art sensibility.

Linda, by the way, got the perfect Levi’s jean jacket. If we could time travel we would be the coolest kids in our high school with our new duds.