Let it be noted that this has been an uncomfortably hot and humid August. The weather has put a damper on many of my DIY projects because I just don’t feel like doing anything in this heat.

At the same time having so many unfinished projects sitting around is also bugging me. So this weekend I finally found the energy to complete two of them.

Project Number One was dying this favourite, well loved and somewhat stained dress. Unfortunately I got the dye-to-dress ratio off and while I was aiming for a more solid distribution of colour, the dip dye effect is less unsightly than ring around the collar.

Project Two: I bought some cool printed fabric and some ribbon at the Value Village a couple of weeks ago. I decided to use these materials to make an adult-sized pillow case dress. It is a super simple, no pattern and zero-waste project. I handstitched it so it took about five hours but if I had a machine it would have taken one hour.

It’s also a nice alternative to all the caftans, tunics and nap dresses I’ve been making.