Tricky Treats

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yes Halloween stuff is already showing up at the Dollarama. My fashion sense is dictated by goths and drag queens so now is the time to stock up on basics.

Here’s the tricky part: I am trying to limit the amount of things I buy and to be more conscientious of where these things come from. I am trying to limit myself to one treat a week.

The first thing I got, about a month ago, was this creepy rubber mask. I think it kind of looks like Pierre Eliot Trudeau wearing makeup.

The second thing I got was this batty tiara. I wish it was just bats, no roses, but what are ya gonna do? I’ve been searching Dollar stores for decades, hoping for just such a crown and if the price I have to pay is black flowers, so be it.

My favourite find so far is this pair of animal print fingernail gloves. They scream “kitty’s got claws!” They fulfill all of my drag Queen/Edith Prickly fantasies.

Last but not least are these Dollarama dollar sign socks. I’m not sure if they are Halloween specific or not but I simply had to have them.